Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23 : "Hot Summer" - Jackie Paper

Philly Music!

Blown Away ............................ Again!

Friday night I went to see Jackie Paper play at IHOP Estate. The first time I had seen Jackie Paper was at Comly Haus Basement Sound Laboratory a couple months ago. That first night Josh Dowell, mastermind behind Jackie Paper was performing as a solo act with Iam Mick joining in halfway through. The feel and tempo of the music was similar to what can be found on Jackie Paper's web page.

What caught my attention that first night and what made me a fan after just hearing Josh play his first bar was the chord progressions.

On Friday night at IHOP Estate Jackie Paper was a full band. There was even a flute as part of their lineup. The signature beautiful chord progressions were there (blown away again), but this time the feel and tempo of the music had a more intense rock beat.

Jackie Paper doesn't currently have samples of the faster-tempo music on their web page, but I'm featuring a song whose style was what made me like the outfit to begin with. Current song playing right here on my blog page is "Hot Summer" (from 2009) :::

To visit Jackie Paper's web page, here is the click ::: Jackie Paper (CLICK HERE)

This was a good show; I had a great night. My only regret was that I couldn't stay longer to hear even more bands, but I had a meeting the next morning where I needed to be awake and alert, so I had to make it an early night. :)

I'm looking forward to seeing Jackie Paper again.

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